Psychologist Max Polyakov Tells All Truth About Gamblers

psychologist Max Polyakov

It is not a surprise online gambling is very popular way of entertainment these days. People of all nations and ages prefer to play favourite games without even going out. They always have a device nearby so can easily enjoy well-known slot machines at any convenient time.

Experience, mastery or luck: what is the most important

Eternal question torments all gamblers – what is more important in games: skill or luck? A single-valued answer to it is extremely difficult, or to be more precise, not possible. It all depends on the game itself. In addition, it all depends on the player’s experience. The professionals have always maintained and will affirm that the main thing is the acquired experience and skill, and the newcomers hope only for luck. Since it is quite challenging to find the exact answer, let’s apply to the research of young and talented psychologist Max Polyakov from Maribor. May be he will be able to decide who is right.

He is sure that players cannot succeed without certain knowledge and skills if take card games into consideration. Many successful poker players have told psychologist Max Polyakov that they have gone through a difficult path of training and self-improvement to fame and fortune. In serious card games, the skill and class are the first to go. Naturally, cards have maps and without an element of luck they do not happen. Give the most titled player weak cards, while the weakest opponent will already have the strongest combination, then there is no chance to win.

Next psychologist Max Polyakov applies to fans of slot machines. Here everything is much easier. They do not need almost any skills, because everything depends on luck. The only thing that the player can regulate is the amount of the bet, expecting that, after certain losses, he will finally be lucky at a higher rate.

However, psychologist Max Polyakov says the analytical mindset and the ability to think logically will always be a good trump card in the sleeve of a gambler regardless of the games. That’s even if taking poker, then the most grandiose success is achieved by men who have these properties. Women rely more on their intuition and increasingly give in to emotions, and men try to build logical chains.

The psychologist proves that players who want to win at roulette should apply to common simple mathematical schemes. Nevertheless, it still does not guarantee one hundred percent success. Blackjack is a game that is as popular in casinos as poker. Basically, it beckons the players to the simplicity of its rules, but even here to play is plus try to pay attention to learning at least the basic strategy and get as much patience as possible.

How to choose game according to temperament

Psychologist Max Polyakov says that for many gamers, gambling is fun, not a source of income. Therefore, they should give preference to those games that give users the greatest pleasure, but it is worth remembering that the casino has a mathematical advantage. Psychologist Max Polyakov shows what to play taking into account the peculiarities of definite temperament.

• A person is communicative, energetic, assertive

Craps is probably best for such players. It is always the most fun and noisy at the table. The player will have the opportunity to communicate with other participants and the dealer actively. Craps allows throwing dice on your own, and bets are accepted in huge numbers. The game is breathtaking, and this feeling does not pass, because this is exactly what is necessary for a pronounced extrovert!

• A gambler is modest, shy and restrained

Psychologist Max Polyakov is sure that introverts will feel calmer if there are no neighbors and dealers behind the tables. The best option is video slots and poker. During the game, no one will interfere with them, which allows concentrating on the process fully. In addition, many models belonging to this category do not give the casino a big advantage. A gambler will be able to lower this figure to the minimum value with the correct game in video poker.

• A person is adventurous and wants to get rich quickly

Psychologist Max Polyakov's Opinion On Gambling Problem

Surely, the games with a great reward will interest such people. The big jackpot is offered in video slots, video poker, poker, blackjack, and others. Craps will also work, as individual bets allow players to get a big win. Psychologist Max Polyakov thinks fans will also be interested in some scratch cards and keno, but they should not forget that the majority of the rates used to play the accumulative jackpot could be disadvantageous, because they are based on the advantage of the casino.

• A player has analytical mindset and is conservative

Undoubtedly, such people do not want to rely on good luck. They will receive the pleasure from the game when make decisions that affect the gameplay. Psychologist Max Polyakov says it is important for them to participate in the game itself, so that the final result depends on their choice. Classic blackjack and video poker are just what conservative gamblers need. For these games, strategies are developed that will increase the chances of winning. Such gambling allows improving the skills constantly, which brings unreal pleasure for people with an analytical mindset.

• A person has big ambitions

Ambitious gamblers do not have a lot of money to win, because they need to feel the victory for the taste, which means that they should play against opponents. Psychologist Max Polyakov proves that all kinds of poker, where there is an opportunity to play against the players – will be suitable. Such people feel themselves at competitions as at ease, so they can safely take part in tournaments that are regularly held in the casino.

• A gambler is economic

According to psychologist Max Polyakov the statement that people who count every penny, do not attend gambling establishments, is incorrect. There is a lot of calculating players among fans of excitement. Economical people will feel comfortable in those games where the maximum percentage of refund rates. It is better to give preference to those casinos that offer profitable loyalty programs for their users, as well as a lot of bonuses and shares.

• Players who like impress others

Players who like spectacular gestures and deeds, and have a solid bankroll, will easily impress the surrounding people. For this, the baccarat game with large stakes is perfect. Aristocrats especially like to play it. Psychologist Max Polyakov states a big table will help to impress others.

• A user is creative and original

New games appear regularly in solid gambling houses especially in the virtual casino. Software manufacturers are constantly engaged in the development and creation of new gambling entertainment, as well as the improvement of classical game versions, the release of video slots, the filling of Internet gambling. Fans will probably enjoy the game of vending machines where there are original bets. The traditional card games and the types of video poker that are available in modern gambling halls are also excellent.

• Gamblers try to restrain emotions, despite available emotionality

Psychologist Max Polyakov asks players who can easily upset and the joy of winning is not what they would like to share with others, better give preference to video slots and online poker. They will also like other gamers where there are no disputes and rivals.

These are psychologist Max Polyakov recommendations, which everyone must decide whether to take into consideration, or not.

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Psychology of the players: what it necessary to know

Many people perceive sports betting or betting in the casino as an ordinary game, not a method of earning. The amount that the player invests adds a bit of adrenaline and new emotions when viewing a game or match that was bet on. Psychologist Max Polyakov says this is quite an ordinary phenomenon. Of course, it will be a little annoying in the case of a loss, but nothing supernatural and fatal will happen for sure. Such people perceive their loss as a payment for the received dose of adrenaline and excitement. Therefore, when such people make their bets, they do not take them too seriously. It is kind of fun.

Psychologist Max Polyakov On Player's Psychology

However, there is another category of people who bet on games and casinos solely in order to get a win. When such users start the game, they immediately begin raising rates. It’s because think they have caught luck by the tail, or that learned to make calculations in the game. At this point, people who belong to this category, start the game on a large, but in the end are without a penny in the pocket. Psychologist Max Polyakov is sure it is difficult to do something; it is just the psychology of some people.

When a person starts to win, it is very challenging to stop. Thirst for profit, emotions, excitement absorb the user with a head. Usually such people stop only when there is nothing to bet on.

A gambler, whether it be sports betting, betting in a casino or slot machine can be equated to a currency trader who simply needs to know the measure of the expense means and be able to competently manage risks. An experienced trader risks no more than two percent of his deposit a day.

Now there is a large number of online casinos, slot machines and bookmakers in the Internet. Bets can be made without leaving home. When making bets, the player is far from public opinion. In this case, the essence of the correct game will be that the gambler ceases to treat the game as an entertainment for own emotional satisfaction. Here a fan can defeat the emotions and start earning income. This is the psychology of a gambler.

Poker - mathematical and psychological game

Psychologist Max Polyakov states that Poker is one of the most popular gamblers’ choices. It is mathematical and psychological game that involves collecting and analyzing information and thinking through the strategy and its future moves, implying a deep concentration.

Poker develops many mind abilities. There are several advantages of poker. First, this game is capable, unlike conservative and old-fashioned chess, to immediately capture a beginner and brighten up leisure in any company because of the element of excitement. It is ridiculous to even think that a company of young people, boys and girls can gather in the evening and concentrate on chopping chess. Secondly, despite the fact that during the chess tournaments players are under psychological pressure, but this can not even be compared with the level of stress that a player experiences at a poker table, either live or on the Internet.

All in all, there are many advantages of playing Poker. It can teach gamblers to:

  • Think for a few moves forward, consider several possible alternatives, development optio
  • Keep in mind the result of any actions;
  • Make decisions based on incomplete information quickly and confidently;
  • Control emotions and facial expressions.
  • Read in mind;

  • Analyze information.


A young psychologist Max Polyakov constantly learns more about gambling and its influence on people and their mind.

He studies the behavior of casino players and has repeatedly proved the positive effect of excitement, which has a long-term effect. The gambler satisfies the need for excitement when playing in a real gambling establishment or in online casino.

He states that modern people do not need to hunt for food or engage in physical fights with an opponent for the sake of a partner and reproduction. They live in a civilized world, in comfortable conditions, having achieved a certain success in life. Therefore, when depression comes, they do not understand the cause of condition. It is gambling that provokes an adrenaline rush and satisfies the need for excitement, favorably affects the state of physiological and mental health. Psychologist Max Polyakov explains this situation by the fact that enthusiasm for gambling within reasonable limits promotes the development of a number of chemical processes in the body.