Max Polyakov Who Is a Psychologist Talks About Gamblers and Gambling Games

Max Polyakov Who Is a Psychologist Talks About Gamblers and Gambling Games

Max Polyakov discovered that gamblers often win by luck. But, some gambling games require one to have some skills.

Understand a person playing casino games

1. What is crucial in gambling games

According to the source liga.net Max Polyakov learned that individuals who play card games can only win if and only if they possess certain knowledge about the game.

Slot machines can be won by luck. Players do not need any skills. They only need to know how to adjust the bet hoping after losing they will win.

Also, Max Polyakov learned that women who play casino games depend on their instincts while men depend on logic.

Another game that Max Polyakov looked into is roulette. He learned that for one to win in a roulette game, he or she must have a minimum Maths strategy. That will improve the winning probability.

He also researched about blackjack game. He discovered that is easy to play but it needs gamblers who are calmer and willing to stick to the right approach.

2. Choosing games that match one’s temper

Max Polyakov revealed that in order to enjoy gambling more, the gambler should play a game that matches his or her temper. See below:

  • A person who is an extrovert (talks too much or is energetic) should play a game like craps.
  • A person who is conservative and has a logical mind should consider games like scratch cards and keno.
  • If you are an introvert, consider playing video slots.
  • Anyone that desired to become rich fast should play slot machines, blackjack or poker.
  • A person who is creative should play traditional card games.
  • A person who likes to boast should choose baccarat.

Max Polyakov additionally found out that there are other gamblers that want to win a lot and always begin gambling with high bets. Such gamblers keep on increasing their bets but in the end, they lose. There is nothing that can be done to such gamblers.

3. Poker

This is a very engaging game. A player is required to be sober and must be a fast thinker.

Max Polyakov added that Poker improves players’ intellectual capability. A person is supposed to think before attempting to do anything. Poker also teaches gamblers to hide feelings and control signals and imitations.


Max Polyakov ended by saying that gambling games impact people positively. They make gamblers happy and proud when they win. Gambling is also the perfect method of dealing with mental issues.

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